We invite local artists of our South Texas community to submit their original art to be featured on BiblioBoard! We want to encourage a diverse range of submissions that celebrate our South Texas art culture and history, including the awareness of Rio Grande City Public Library and the many services we offer.


Submission Rules:

The submission process for Rio Virtual Art Show is free and easy. You are welcome to submit as many digital contents as you’d like.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What file formats are accepted?
    • Image: Art will need to be in JPEG format
    • Audio: MP3 format with a minimum audio quality of 128 kbps
    • Video: pm4, Mpg, Avi, 3gp, Flv, DivX, WebM, Ogg
  2. Are there royalty payments for art featured on Rio Virtual Art Show?
    • No. There are no royalty payments for art uploaded to Rio Virtual Art Show. Our digital collection will instead, hopefully, promote your art and help you find a larger audience.
  3. Can I get paid elsewhere if my art is featured on Rio Virtual Art Show?
    • Artists can certainly still get paid for their art on other platforms. Rio Virtual Art Show is an opportunity for Artists to get additional exposure for their art.
  4. Do I give away my rights to my art if I upload it to Rio Virtual Art Show?
    • No. Artists who upload their art onto Rio Virtual Art Show will retain all the rights to their original artwork.
  5. Can my art be removed from Rio Virtual Art Show?
    • Yes. All art will stay up on Rio Virtual Art Show unless a request has been submitted to have it removed. Artists can contact our Collections & Acquisitions Library Clerk at mmartinez@cityofrgc.com to have art removed.
  6. Can I upload art that isn’t mine to Rio Virtual Art Show?
    • No. You will only be allowed to submit original art that you retain the rights to.
  7. What kind of art can be uploaded?
    • Art of any kind can be uploaded to Rio Virtual Art Show. We hope local artists will upload all types of artwork that represent South Texas art culture and history. Any kind of art is welcome: paintings, drawings, sculptures, architectures, etc.